Sky Collection

Sky – I desire – celestial spirals & space – carefree, mysterious, adventurous, receptive

The stars in the sky were helpful guides when explorers were navigating towards untouched lands. Now mankind is exploring the space between the stars themselves. There is an innate desire to solve a mystery, to go beyond the borders placed in front of us. The Sky Collection is dedicated to the people on this earth who want so badly to explore the unknown.

The Sky Collection has been a space for playing with shapes and textures relating to what’s going on amongst the stars. There is a unique texture throughout this sky collection that Angela created. She melted down the Argentium Silver and then moved it around with her pick until it resembled the surface of the moon. We call this texture the Lunar design.

Then, she began playing with the shape of the sun, cutting it in half, layering it, setting it behind the moon, and doing other fun experiments. Angela also loved manipulating the concept of the planets in our solar system and turned her thoughts into rings and earrings.