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Angela has always been obsessed with working with her hands. Once upon a time, she was a soapstone artist and a celebrated one at that. If you find yourself in Hong Kong, look for a sculpture of hers in its permanent resting place at the Canadian Embassy.

The only problem with soapstone was that it wasn’t her passion. Angela couldn’t wait to finish a sculpture so she could go home and have fun making jewellery. A lightbulb went off one day and she thought, “why am I not
making jewellery all day – every day?” Once this thought entered her mind, she quit sculpting, left pieces unfinished, and moved on to making her true passion of jewellery a full-time gig.

(The unfinished sculptures rest in her garden now, 20+ years later.)

It’s a good thing because this passion guided Angela towards her soulmate, Ryan. Their paths crossed at the Saskatoon Market in the warm Summer of 1997. He admired the crowds that flocked to purchase her latest creations, and she couldn’t get enough of his amazing tomatoes that always sold out before noon.

They married in 2001 and spent ten years rocking parallel businesses at the market. These two lovebirds were super busy with their respective companies, which meant they were spending less and less time together. They
decided to join forces and put all their energy into A & R Jewellery so they would never have to leave each other’s side.

At this point, it was time to leave Saskatchewan. Angela and Ryan wished to explore all the natural beauty Western Canada had to offer, so they sold the farm and moved to Creston, BC.

Our Story

After getting married, the best decision Angela and Ryan ever made was to become business partners. They’ve had the pleasure of selling their designs at markets across Canada and meeting so many inspiring people along the way.

They got to know their clients who would come to A & R Jewellery to spoil themselves, or a loved one, with a handmade piece. They got to know other makers living and loving the same ‘travelling show’ kind of lifestyle. This community was incredible. This community is unforgettable.

It was all fun and games until the Covid-19 pandemic came to town in 2020. Angela and Ryan’s life on the road came to a screeching halt. They remained positive about this lifestyle change and took this time to recalibrate.

Then, a new chapter began, selling online! This became the only way to stay in touch with the A & R Jewellery
community. They also saw it as a major opportunity to reach past the borders of Canada and create connections with clients all over the world. Overall, Angela and Ryan have taken on this new era with gusto and optimism.

They’ve got a precious studio in Creston, BC, where every single piece of jewellery is handmade by Angela and Ryan. Their design inspiration comes from camping along the Kootenay River, hiking through the Rocky Mountains, and breathing in all the natural beauty that Canada has to offer.

Our Process

Making Silver Jewellery with Traditional Techniques

We always use Argentium silver – either a sheet or piece of wire.

It is cut to size and shape, and then hammered, textured, or shaped depending on what it is to become.

We then soldered or fuse the details to the base silver. Fusing is my favourite as it leaves a cleaner, stronger joint. The heated metal must be cleaned in acid – called pickle. Many connections and featured can be added to a base piece of silver – like adding waves or granules,
or a bezel to hold the gemstone – and each time it must be cleaned.

I also use many techniques that completely melt the silver and allow me to shape it while soft – like my Lunar design.

And I have just added the technique of completely melting the silver and pouring it into a rough cylinder – called an ingot – which can be flattened and shaped. This is how I make the Rapids design.

Once all the melting is done, it is time for hands-on filing and sanding. I usually work-harden the piece at this point – which also shines up the silver.

Argentium Silver’s unique alloy includes the element Germanium. This adds an extra step of ‘setting the Germanium’ – which means baking the silver to raise the Germanium to the surface. This is how a protective barrier is created which makes Argentium tarnish slower –
and makes it appear so white.

Then it is time for the gemstone to be set – or if no gemstone, then it is ready to add jump rings or ear wires, or clasps.

Now for polishing! Many levels of polishing are worked thru, from rough shaping, to sanding, to polishing. Starting with rough files, or a grinding wheel if lots of silver must move. I then move to the Micro-tool – a really lovely hand tool for exact sanding and polishing. Into the
tumbler for a final polish with either walnut shell or ceramics – and a very shiny piece of silver emerges. Ready to be enjoyed and loved for years to come.

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