Life – I create – nature in sync, energetic, resilient, peaceful, evolving

Creating can take a hugely conscious effort, and then creating can be as peaceful as a plant growing a new leaf. Mothers, artists, gardeners, and bumblebees are all creators working with their own medium. The Life Collection was made to honour these beings who wake up every day and bring beauty into this world.

For the Life Collection, Angela played around with the randomness of bark and twigs. The textures she developed are calming yet so complex. She didn’t try to make any two pieces the same, each piece of jewellery began with the same intention, and each piece ended with its own unique pattern.

Angela worked with simplifying the shapes of blossoms and pine trees and turning them into a peaceful representation of the real thing. Pearls are seen repeatedly in this collection as well as some turquoise, amethyst, and opals.