Water – I change – flowing formlessness – transformative, playful, balanced, passionate

Water is transformative; it forces rocks and riverbeds to change, whether they ask for it or not. Some see water as destructive as it carves up the land, but it’s not; it’s only encouraging constant change. Change is scary, good, and always passionate. 

Streams are flowing, and pebbles are rolling down the Argentium Silver jewellery in the Water Collection. Raw edges are illustrating the roughness of a stream’s edge. Then, it gets wilder when Angela begins expressing rushing rapids in the form of melted silver.

An antique finish is used frequently in this water collection to add variance from light to dark tones of silver. This is a nice touch because you don’t have to clean an antique finish.

The Water Collection is very freeform and full of personality, just like the goddess we call the ocean. The most spectacular deep-sea coloured topaz is used in various ways, as well as amethyst, pearl, and a few other sparkling gems.