How to care for your jewellery

Store your jewellery in a plastic bag or tarnish-proof jewellery box

You will know your jewellery is beginning to tarnish if the silver is getting dull and dark. Even with the strength of Argentium Silver, tarnishing is inevitable but there are easy ways to slow down this process. 

Basically, it’s the sulphur-containing gases in the air that’s causing your silver to tarnish. When you’re not wearing your precious pieces, keep them tucked away in a plastic bag or tarnish-proof jewellery box to do proper care for your jewellery. Tarnishing will happen faster if your silver is in a damp space, so do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.  

All this doesn’t mean Argentium Silver doesn’t like to be worn – quite the opposite. While you’re wearing your jewellery, the tarnish rubs off when it comes into contact with your skin. The same goes for when you wear your jewellery in the shower, it washes while you wash.

Put your jewellery on last

Hairspray, hand lotion, and sunscreen aren’t good for your jewellery to be around. These substances will cause unattractive fingerprints, grease spots, and will only get your pieces one step closer to tarnishing. Your gemstones won’t be too happy about getting mucked up either. Once your hair and make-up are done, once you’re ready to head out the door, then put on your jewellery.   

How to avoid scratches

Silver is a relatively soft metal; it’s expected to grow a soft patina of scratches over time. Wearing your silver jewellery to the gym or during a day of gardening will cause this gentle texture to grow. Maybe you spontaneously ended up clambering over rocks at the beach while wearing your jewellery, activities like these will naturally add etching. 

These markings are inevitable but if you want to keep your Argentium Silver like new, remove it before any form of exercise or extreme adventuring. Lastly, remove your pieces while sleeping, especially those precious chains and earrings of yours. 

When travelling, store in separate plastic bags

When you’re packing up for your next trip, keep your silver from touching each other by storing each piece in its own plastic bag. This way, none of your jewellery will get tangled or scratched upon arrival.